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“In the fast-paced modern world, it is often very common for people to lose track. Most people, confused about their endeavors, tend to lose their motivation and give up early. That’s when they realize that, they needed a sailor for their ship! A wrong realization indeed, let’s discuss why?


Now is the Right Time

If you’re sitting on your couch with a cup of coffee, reading this blog, and trying to figure out what’s next, stop overthinking! You don’t need to start with much to succeed in this world. Reach out to people, talk to them, learn about the areas that need you, choose one, and get started.

The earlier you find the one you admire, the more the chances of your success.

If you are in your 20’s or early 30’s, and aspiring to do the next big thing, or working towards your dream job, it is important to understand that it’s difficult. Trust yourself, but don’t get overconfident, find people who can help you figure out the difficulties, turn the impossible to hard, and hard to do-able.

Getting a mentor early in life is very important if you want to get ahead of the crowd, and stand out.

Choose the Right One

It is important to choose the right mentor who is going to put an impact on your life, for the next few years. Talking and sharing ideas with experienced and like-minded people is important, at the same time it’s important to understand how to extract meaning out of it and make impactful decisions.

Often people get confused trying to follow every piece of advice, and end up being lost. It is very important to choose the right one and narrow the information down to a single piece of advice, before making a decision.

Find the people you look up to or look for people who have succeeded in what you want to achieve, and connect.

Keep following till the end there is a hidden bonus tip to help you get started.

What to Expect

We all want that glimpse of success but don’t expect someone else to drive you there. It’s your boat, be the sailor but at the same time keep in touch with your guide to keep moving in the right direction.

A mentor will guide you through difficult situations or might help you prepare for the worst but it’s you who need to face it, overthrow the odds, and make it possible.

Avoid mistakes

People usually make a few mistakes, make sure you don’t make them:

The worst thing you would want to do is keep making the same mistakes
  • Establish a trustable relationship, because you don’t want your guide to give you the wrong map.
  • Stay in touch, at least once a week helps, don’t let your mentor forget or lose interest in you.
  • Display the progress, making progress is not enough. Get the person, sitting on the other side, excited.
  • Don’t be narrow-minded, make sure you give enough importance to what your mentor suggests.
  • Visit Mentro.Tech to find the right mentor, instead of beating around the bush.

Time to succeed

Time to celebrate the small milestones to keep you motivated for the next big thing. Get a direction for your life, and keep sailing toward the goal.


Starting new ventures or entering new phases of life is always challenging, hence getting backed by experience is important to stay ahead of problems and face them tactically. So what are you waiting for, go find a mentor today?

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