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Focus on your Sessions, reaching and helping mentees, and let us manage the rest. Mentro is comprehensive tool for you, so that you as a mentor only focus on what you are best at and not worry about anything else. We manage all starting from your calendar to payouts.

Features for you

Manage Your Time on the Calendar

Setting up your calendar and keeping it updated is the most important, so that you don’t receive sudden surprises. Integrate Your Google Calendar for the 1st time and keep your schedule updated with us.

Setup your Schedule for the month

Click on Manage your calendar and Select schedule

calendar_button schedule_month

Select a month

choose_month choose_month2

Now you can either schedule same time for everyday or separate for each day of week

schedule1 schedule2

Set start, end time, and save thats it.

start_time schedule2

View sessions on the calendar

calendar_button view_sessions

Add sessions on the calendar

calendar_button add_slot

Set start, end time, and save thats it.

start_time end_time

Manage Your Sessions

Mentro allows you to efficiently manage your sessions removing the headache of deciding a time and managing your money.

Check all your Sessions

Check your pending sessions and have a conversation

all_sessions all_sessions_screen start_a_conversation

Visit your Chats

all_chats all_chats_screen start_a_conversation

Reschedule your Session Time

Mentro allows you to re-schedule the session incase someone has missed or need one more session.


Once you send this reschedule message, your mentee will be able to select a slot from your calendar and schedule one more call with you.

Complete Session

Make sure to mark a session as completed once the call is done and everything is fine. Your payment will not be processed if you don’t end your session.

Once complete, hit the end session and wait for your mentee to rate you, and the amount will be credited to your account. If your mentee doesn’t rate you within 36 hrs of ending the session, you will automatically get a 5 star and the session will end.

end_session_button end_session

Manage Your Appearance

It is important to manage your public profile, as your mentees will be keenly interested about your background before starting a session with you.


Check Your Public Profile

This page looks exactly the same to the mentees. So, make sure to have a professional feel to your public profile.

click_view_profile profile_view

Edit Your Public Profile

Edit your profile to make it look good.

click_view_profile profile_view profile_edit